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Author Topic: 7 days, 4-7 trails who is up for an adventure?  (Read 940 times)


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Re: 7 days, 4-7 trails who is up for an adventure?
« Reply #15 on: August 09, 2017, 06:32:23 AM »

Will the trip itinerary be set in advance of the trip, or will the decision be made on or day just before the start date?


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Re: 7 days, 4-7 trails who is up for an adventure?
« Reply #16 on: August 10, 2017, 05:42:23 PM »

Unfortunately the schedule will probably be set either right before leaving or may even change in the middle.  It all has to do with what trails are open and when.  I wish I could give you a better answer. The big question is weather Dusy will be open or not.  I saw on Facebook that there is a chance Spanish might open this year.   

Right now the for sure group is Myself and Crawl from the club. I have a friend Brian and his friend Mike from San Diego coming up. I know Monyman from the club is trying hard to get his schedule cleared so he can attend.  Caboose and Zerlang are maybe for part and or all.

I also have another friend from New Mexico that might be in the area with a different group,  We might run into him out on the trail as well.

Am I missing anyone?


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Re: 7 days, 4-7 trails who is up for an adventure?
« Reply #17 on: August 10, 2017, 10:19:32 PM »

 This actually came as quite a surprise hearing about this on Facebook; rather than being first notified by the SNF. I reached out to Mike Nolen, SNF OHV Program Manager. I asked what this order to just make sure the general public is notified that these trails are not open and cannot be traveled on UNTIL these two trails are all cleared of all resource protection, public health and safety, erosion, mud, washout, undercut tread and fallen trees?

I went on to ask him what the plan is in the coming weeks, so we can work together on getting all the before mentioned work done. The SNF has all us volunteers willing and able to get in there and work to OPEN these trails. We need to be communicated with so we can combine our efforts and make this happen in a collaborative manner. The general public are very upset and feel this is not working in collaboration with the volunteers. Here is Mike Nolen's response to share with everyone:

Mike and All,
I just got off the telephone with Cody Wheeler our Sierra National Forest Law Enforcement Patrol Captain. He writes our Forest Orders and works with Dean Gould, Forest Supervisor, for signature. These Forest Orders have been issued because we are passed our advertised openings for the Swamp and Dusy-Ershim OHV Trails. We are required to do this therefore it is common practice when we miss our opening dates. They have to be written in language that supports law enforcement and in a legal manner to inform the public, our visitors, of what is going happening on the Sierra National Forest. What the Forest Orders don’t state is the following:
• They are TEMPORARY if we can mitigate or eliminate Public Safety and Resource concerns.
• They don’t share how to the public at large how engaged and productive our OHV Volunteer Clubs are in assisting the Forest Service in getting OHV Trails open while mitigating or eliminating both Public Safety and Resource Concerns.
• They don’t share that work to open trails is currently happening and will be on-going.

With that, here is where we are and what is happening in OHV:
• Swamp
o We are going in this Saturday, August 12, 2017 into to remove the remaining trees. Reconnaissance indicated there were 46 trees down across this trail. The trail is cleared and ready to open from the north side to above the Swamp Lake restroom. I will be leading the group with Jim Smith from the Forest Service. John Del Rio is organizing six rigs to assist with the tree removal through the 4WD Club of Fresno.
o I am anticipating the south side of Swamp OHV Trail will get cleared and be ready to open.
o Patrol Captain, Cody Wheeler says it will take (2) days to get a signed Forest Order to open the trail and reverse the closure. He has given me permission to open the Swamp OH Trail on Sunday, August 13, 2017 provided we alleviate Public Safety and Resource concerns the day before.
o The District Ranger, Recreation Officer, Hydrologist and Aquatics Biologist are on board with this.
• Dusy Ershim
o We have a work effort starting on Monday, August 14th and working through potentially the following Sunday.
o Marlin Czajkowski and John Loveall are organizing the logistics for this trip from the volunteer side. We are expecting at least six rigs to go in behind closed gates to work on the trail.
o There may be more help coming in mid-week.
o The Forest Service with Michael Nolen, Tony Borelli, Phillip Mazon, Chad Otto, Mindy McClurg and Jim Smith with be there starting on Monday and coming out on Thursday.
o As reported by Marlin there are 28 trees down on the first 5.7 miles of the trail from the south side.
o Reconnaissance from Ed Fitzpatrick suggests that there are 75 trees down on the entire length of the trail.
o Besides removing trees we have approval to repair/replace two wooden bridges before Trail Shot/Burl Camp coming in from the south side. This approval came from the District Ranger, Recreation Officer, Hydrologist and Aquatics Biologist to accomplish this.
o We are working with our Hydrologist and Aquatics Biologist regarding Ershim Creek. Last winter deposited a major alluvial plane where the trail crosses the creek. We have worked out a solution with our Hydrologist. We need to do the same with our District Ranger, Recreation Officer and Aquatics Biologist. Besides working on a temporary solution to open the Dusy Ershim this summer we are in discussion with a long term solution for Ershim Creek. History has shown Ershim Creek has had erosion issues in the past a number of times. We have photographs supporting this problem dating back several years.
o We are not giving up on opening Dusy Ershim this season, neither should all of you.
o This is not a toad issue it is a resource issues with erosion, 75 trees down on the trail, and a potential public safety problem with two bridges that are in disrepair.
• Spanish
o “My Hat Is Of”f to Ryan Rocha from the Kingsburg Club and Dennis Pierce from Hill Hoppers. Dennis has agreed to have the Kingsburg Club through Ryan finish opening their Adopt A Trail
o Chad Otto and Mindy McClurg are heading in on Saturday, August 12th with Kingsburg Club and at least two rigs
o About a mile and a half there is an erosion problem where two trailer loads of rock should alleviate. This will allow this trail to be open.
• Other
o Staples
 We are in the middle of a Sweco Trail Dozer repair and restoration of the “Staples” creek and area.
 We are creating a pool and drop drainage consistent with most other Sierra Nevada creeks. We are using logs, soil and rock to create a stepped drainage in the “Staples” area.
 We have been supported by our Hydrologist for two days.
 I was out yesterday falling trees and moving log and rocks into the drainage.
 Mike McGarity and I have been talking about removal of all the well casings from the area. The “Staples” themselves have been pulled and the cement removed from their bases through a with a mid-week Volunteer and Forest Service project.
o Website
 Tony Borelli and I will appoint one of our staff to work with our website personnel so we are more accurate with the information shared on the Forest Service site for Motorized Recreation.
 Thanks to those that have informed me of the wrong openings and closings for OHV Trails on our website.
 I apologize for having this communication tool for all of us, especially our public, having been inaccurate in some areas.
o Management of OHV from the Forest Service Perspective
 We have had some oversights in managing the program at times.
• A couple of examples have been not initially analyzing some trails consistent with Poker Run Special Use Permits through our Internal Specialist Scoping Reporting and NEPA processes
o For the Rock Hopper Round Up Poker Run we did not initially analyze Red and Strawberry Lake for the second day of the event
o The upcoming High Sierra Poker Run was not initially analyzed for Swamp OHV Trail event use.
o Our Aquatics Biologist insured that the Rock Hopper Round second day run to Red and Strawberry Lake was legal with her work with Fish and Game.
o She is confident that this will happen for the Swamp Run of the High Sierra Poker Run too.
o With the anticipated Swamp Trail opening this Sunday I will have firsthand knowledge of trees, resource impacts and public safety mitigation on the whole trail.
o Our Aquatics Biologist has saved the new leadership of the OHV Program more than once from internal oversights. She is all about opening trails consistent with a “Federally Listed” Yosemite Toad. We report to the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service as it comes to fish and wildlife on the Sierra National Forest.
o Social Media
 Have you joined the bandwagon with negative communication regarding “The Toad” shutting things down and stopping openings of OHV Trails?
 If you want to create more separation and slow the process down even more by all means continue to do this. Not only will you stress those working positively through the legal processes you are stressing yourself and the OHV community.
 Please consider using your rebellious energy to move things forward by getting educated so we can do the right things for all resource impacts and mitigation solutions so we maintain our OHV trail corridors consistent with our Trails Maintenance Agreement.
 This is me speaking: I love Social Media for sharing positive things about our lives, environment, and our country. It is tiring for me to read all the negative posts about politics, and family struggles. Again for me I am either a part of a solution or a movement in that direction or part of the problem, By whining about issues I take no responsibility for my live and actions. In my opinion this ultimately makes no one happy especially me!
 If you have problems with OHV management bring them to me directly. Most evidently come my way anyway. I can use my energy to open trails or deal with problems and personality issues;
 The OHV community is more important than any individual.
I truly love the dedication and commitment that most of our OHV Volunteers show and share. It drives me personally to want to do more. Mike McGarity, Thank You for sharing and viewing topics in an informed and educated way that speaks to all sides of an issue. I appreciate you!

I Hope This Communication Helps,

Michael Nolen
(Detailed) Off Highway Vehicle Program Manager
Over Snow Vehicle Program
High Sierra Ranger District
Sierra National Forest
(W) 559-855-5355 Ext. 3325
FAX 559-855-5375
E-mail: mknolen@fs.fed.us

Please feel free to share-
Only through you Lord can I do great things, and may the great things I do Lord glorify you.  The Lord never gives you more than you can handle.


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Re: 7 days, 4-7 trails who is up for an adventure?
« Reply #18 on: August 11, 2017, 08:55:41 AM »

This is a formality since the trails have not opened on the Date stated last year. Swamp should be open by next weekend, Ducey has a bridge out and lots of trees down so it's not for sure yet.


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Re: 7 days, 4-7 trails who is up for an adventure?
« Reply #19 on: August 11, 2017, 08:49:11 PM »

Thanks Jacob for posting that report. Very informative!
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