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Author Topic: Swamp lake run rules and run info  (Read 1607 times)


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Swamp lake run rules and run info
« on: July 28, 2010, 01:21:18 AM »

Copy-paste from another thread:

Just wanted to chime in on the Swamp run as there seems to be some questions about the run that Id like to clarify.

The run is being led by Huebie and tailgunned by me. (unless he was washed out to sea crossing Fordice creek this last weekend, anyone heard from him lately?)  don'tknow

At the last meeting it was announced that the trail leaders would have final say-so as to what rigs would be allowed to participate based on the trail leaders judgment. Myself, freds40, Frizzlefry off the top of my head do not typically carry a spare tire when wheeling. This is a requirement of the standard rig requirments for any club run. However, if myself or Heubie decide to allow someone to come along on the run without a spare its because we have first hand knowledge and experience on the trial with these people on the trail. There is an understanding that if we have to leave one of those people behind due to a flat tire to get the rest of the group back to camp in time to participate then we will do. If we feel someone or their rig is not up to Swamp given the time we will be trying to complete it will not be able to allow you to run with the group.

I know this may offend someone but Ive done an 18-hour run on swamp before with a very capable group of IFS rigs with experianced drivers behind the wheels and I dont care to repeat it. One rig broke and axle and we could not leave a rig behind on that run. Towing a wounded rig out of Swamp takes two rigs hooked together and excellant drivers to operate it succesfully.

The trail is long. The trail can be VERY tough. I dont know its condition this year and Im not planning on taking a rig or its driver in with time constraints that will not be willing to do whatever it takes to get the group AS A WHOLE out in time for the dinner activities Saturday night.

If youve never run the trail before, have limited offroad experience or are concerned about possible damage to your rig then this Saturday will not be the time to try Swamp. Not saying it cant be done but it might be better to plan a full weekend to run it where you have an option of time pending any issues. Saturday we will have a schedule.

For those that want to run it myself and Heubie will need to inspect your rigs PRIOR to departure Saturday morning. In addition to the standard requirements (some of which we may or may not enforce) there will be additional requirements for Saturdays run. Please come prepared.

In no particular order;

1:  Good attitude
2:  Food/snacks/drinking water for everyone in your rig. Enough for a 24 hour period. Granola bars, cheese and crackers, fruit, etc...
3:  A jacket or blanket to keep everyone in your rig warm in case we end up with issues and get stuck out there into the wee hours of the morning. (it happens)
4:  Toilet paper  Wink
5:  Spare fluids for your rig. (oil, p/s fluid, gear oil, water etc)
6:  Tools or tool kit capable of making any needed or emergency repairs on YOUR specific rig. (hub socket, special allen wrenchs, Huh Whatever is specific to your rig)
7:  Working flashlight or lantern.
8:  Container to haul trash in, both our own and any we find along the way.
9:  Basic first aid supplies including any medication you may need along the way. (insulin for example) There is no guarantee we will be back at a specific time folks!
10:Working lights on the rig. (headlites, at least one tail light etc) If you get a ticket going in or out thats on you  but we need to see you in the dust at night.  copilot

Some recovery gear, high lifts, shovels, compressed air, straps/clevis's etc can be spread throughout the group but feel free to bring your own. We will not turn you away if you dont have some items that can be shared. Lets face it, we dont need 6 high lift jacks for 7 rigs.

Make sure your rig is in good shape before coming up. Ill be getting under rigs before we leave making sure I feel they are up to the run. Double check your u-bolts with a socket and breaker bar. Look at your motor mounts, u-joints, fluid levels, belts and hoses, exhaust and any visible bolts to insure they are up for the unexpected. Are your tires in good shape? Check your lug nuts. Are they all there? Put a wrench on them and make sure they are tight. Check your steering for any play or worn joints. Check your frame around where the steering box mounts. Any cracks there? Are my shocks attached? (no kidding) This is the some of the stuff Im going to be looking for. Dont wait for me to find it when there is no time to fix it.

Run size is going to be limited to 10 rigs MAX. Hope to be under way by 8am. Subject to change depending on circumstance but when its time to go then we're gone.

Its late, Im tired. Feel free to post any questions and Ill do my best to answer them and try to check back to keep tabs on the questions. Looking forward to getting some seat time soon. See you all on Friday.

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Re: Swamp lake run rules and run info
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2010, 08:17:58 AM »

I'll re-post my comments as well.....

I have no problems with what you stated.  It should be said that these rules have the full support of the 4X 4Him Board of Officers.  We all agreed to support the fact that the trail boss has the final word, so now you guy's have it.  If you don't like the rules, then you might want to consider another trail.


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Re: Swamp lake run rules and run info
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2010, 01:11:42 PM »

No, I did not get swept out to sea over the weekend!  Sorry for not posting up rules and regs before I left.  Fordyce was a blast!

As Chris said, please spend time looking over your rig BEFORE you come up.  If you have not run Swamp before, it is considered up there as one of the hardest trails in this part of the Sierras.

Please also note that if breakage occurs, we as a group will do our best to help fix broken parts, but vehicles have had to be left along the trail (off the main trail of course) until working parts could be retrieved for proper fix.

As Chris also said, we plan to leave at 8am.  It is a long trail and we need to get moving in order to hopefully make it back by dinner.  Safety inspections will take place between 7:30 and 8am. 

Chris and I hope this to be a fun and exciting run for all involved.  See you up there this weekend and God bless.
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