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Author Topic: Stop Closure 26 Million Acres this week  (Read 1089 times)


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Stop Closure 26 Million Acres this week
« on: January 14, 2009, 12:04:27 PM »

This is an e-mail forward I received today. It's a little all over the place but I feel worth reading.

------ Forwarded Message
Subject: URGENT-Stop Closure 26 Million Acres this week

Urgent Action Required-Omnibus Federal Land Grab Bill Number S. 22 will close 26 million acres or maybe more to multiple use on BLM lands as well as designate over 2 million acres of Wilderness. Unbelievably in a rare Sunday session the Senate voted to skip any debate and have a vote this week on this huge bill. After the final Senate vote this bill may be forced on a fast track vote in Congress. It is extremely important that you take action now to help defeat this bad bill.

-----Please call your Congressman as well as your  Senators. They must be deluged with  calls now at (202) 224-3121. To find the name of your Senator & Congressman just enter your zip code at http://www.sharetrails.org/rapid_response/  They must know in no uncertain  terms that rural America opposes this massive Wilderness and land grab bill.

Here are five things you should ask them when you call your Congressman & Senator:

Ask them how they are going to vote on the Omnibus Land Grab Act S.22

Urge your Senator to oppose the Omnibus Land Grab Act S.22

Urge your Congressman to oppose the Omnibus Land Grab Act under whatever new bill number they give it
Also ask them to oppose all Omnibus Bills  that put a bunch of bills together because that is bad legislation. Each bill should be considered individually, but S.22 contains over 150 different bills.
That you will hold them accountable if they vote for this huge bad bill


Even though S 22 is likely to  pass the Senate, it is important  your  Senator hear from you. Your calls are important not only to try to defeat S 22,  but for future bills like it.

-----Please call your Senators and Congressmen  immediately. 

You must let your Senators and Congressman know you will  hold them responsible for their vote on S 22.   This is the largest land grab in 20 years.  They must know they will be held accountable.

Please forward this message to as many people as possible  as quickly as possible.

Below is more information but if your time is limited please just make the calls instead of reading more

-----See Washington Times news article below.

-----Also see the Energy and Environment Daily article  below.

You must urge your Senator to oppose all Omnibus Bills  that put a bunch of bills together.  That  means that nearly all Senators and Congressman don?t read the whole bill.  This bill is between 1,000 and 2,000 pages.  So the Senators and Congressmen only pay  attention to the parts they are interested in.

A lot of bad stuff passes this way because bills they  might ordinarily oppose, they ignore because they are part of this larger  package.

This is a really bad way of doing business.  You must let your Senators and Congressmen  know you not only oppose S 22 but the use of huge omnibus packages the bunch  bills together.

Using the omnibus bill approach, most Senators and  Congressmen have no idea what is in the rest of the bill.  They are not doing their job and they are  letting you down.
-----You can read the Washington Times article below to  see how Senator Murkowski of Alaska is supporting the bill even though it does  great damage to Alaska because of one provision in the bill that she  likes.  She is ignoring the National  Landscape Conservation System part of the bill which affects so much more of  Alaska.  This is just an example of how  usually friendly Senators and Congressmen end up voting for bills that hurt their  states when the vote on these Omnibus Bill packages.   

Each bill should be considered individually.  S 22 has over 150 different bills included.


150 Bill Omnibus Federal Land Grab Bill Is Back
        -----This bill is one of the largest land grabs in  history.  Just one bill, the National  Landscape Conservation System (NLCS) covers 26 million acres and will lock you  out of BLM multiple-use and energy lands.   It will add dozens of new National Heritage Areas that will eventually  be a land use control noose around the necks of local people and rural America.       

You can see a map of the National Landscape Conservation  System at www.landrights.org <http://www.landrights.org/> .

Senator Diane Feinstein plans to add 6,000,000 more acres  to it on the floor of the Senate.

Majority Leader Harry Reid is buying votes by putting  every bill he can find in the package to buy off opposing Senators.  Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho is helping Harry  Reid, Democrat Majority Leader in the Senate.   Has your Senator sold his heart and soul?

Senator Crapo is planning to vote for the bill and is  leading the charge to get other Senators to vote for it.

He tried to sell us out on the Endangered Species Act a  number of years ago and we stopped him.   Now we must do it again.

It appears you cannot trust Senator Mike Crapo?s heart to  protect your private property and access and use of Federal lands.
-----This may be the largest land grab bill in the last  20 years.       

Your immediate action is needed by making calls, faxing, e-mailing  your Senators and Congressmen as well as your friends and neighbors is critical  to stop this bill. Call both  your Senators (202-224-3121) and Congressman

~This alert was compiled by:
Chuck Cushman
American Land Rights Association
(360) 687-3087ccushman@pacifier.com


-----Washington Times Article Monday, January 12, 2009

Massive lands bill clears filibuster

Senate Democrats flexed their new legislative muscle  Sunday, using the first vote of the new Congress to break a Republican  filibuster from the previous session of Congress, and advance a wide-ranging  land-conservation measure.

The omnibus land bill would preserve more than 2 million  acres of land, establish new layers of bureaucracy in the Bureau of Land  Management, and designate former President Bill Clinton's childhood home a  national historic site.

The bill's supporters, who had been stymied last year by  a Republican filibuster, said the measure was long overdue.

Read entire article here:   http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/jan/12/massive-lands-bill-clears-filibuster/

-----Energy and Environment Daily Article       

7. PUBLIC LANDS: In rare Sunday vote, Senate moves past  Coburn's filibuster on omnibus (01/12/2009) Noelle Straub, E&E reporter

In a rare Sunday session designed to rebuke one senator  for his delaying tactics, the Senate yesterday voted overwhelmingly to move  forward with an omnibus package of more than 160 public lands, water and  resources bills.

The 66-12 vote easily overcame a filibuster by Sen. Tom  Coburn (R-Okla.), who was trying again to prevent the Senate from taking up the  measure that had slipped from the schedule last year due largely to his  objections.

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Chairman Jeff  Bingaman (D-N.M.) said the package, S 22, 'reflects possibly the most  significant conservation legislation passed by the Senate in the past  decade.'

House Natural Resources Chairman Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.)  said the omnibus would pass the House soon if the Senate approves it. 'It  will come back here and we will do something quick over here to pass it,'  he said Friday, adding that it will not need to go back through committee.

Coburn said yesterday was the first time in 40 years the  Senate held a vote on the first weekend of a new session. Reid regularly  threatens to keep the Senate in over the weekend as a way to encourage senators  to cut deals more quickly, but yesterday was one of the rare instances where he  carried through with the threat.

Read entire article at: http://www.eenews.net/eed/2009/01/12/

 In two minutes you can submit a letter opposing the Omnibus Act at http://www.savethetrails.us/Default.aspx?PetitionID=31 This alert was sent to you by your friends at Save The Trails

   If you do not wish to receive alerts to preserve access to public lands please click Unsubscribe <http://www.savethetrails.us/Unsubscribe.aspx>           

------ End of Forwarded Message

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