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Author Topic: It's the Small Things That Matter  (Read 1022 times)


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It's the Small Things That Matter
« on: October 17, 2007, 07:22:01 AM »

Hello there friends!...
      I was reading about John Ashcroft, a former political figure and a devoted beliver and I would
like to share his story of discovering that a lady who had once worked for him was dying of cancer
      He went to the hospital to visit her during one of her last days.  He asked her if there
was any thing he could do for her.  She replied that she would really like some chocolate chip cookies. 

      He immediately left and went back to his governor's manision, went to the kitchen and began assembling
the ingredients for the cookies. ....The staff chef asked him what he was doing
and told him he could do that for him.  Ashcroft said no, this was something he had to do.
       He said that very shortly after he got started, he began reaping the benifits that came from taking time out of his
schedule to bake cookies.  Doing this one simple, but small act of kindness allowed him to work through the anger at
the cigarettes that needlessly shortened this lady's life.  He then took his cookies, made from his own favorite recipe
and delivered them later that day.
      He writes, "How many afternoons have I lived that now have been forgotten?  Too many to count, that's for sure,
but I will never forget that afternoon in the kitchen, baking cookies for a woman that was dying.  It was such a little thing,
but as I said earlier, the little things give life meaning far beyond their size."

      Doing small acts of kindness not only benifits the recipient but also the one doing the giving.  That's how
things work in God's economy.  Try giving yourself away to someone.  In doing so, you will discover that they will be
blessed, but so will you.

     Do you know someone that needs an act of kindness?   

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