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Please join us for our October 16th Club Meeting "Details"

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 on: Today at 07:54:04 PM 
Started by K6TLR - Last post by Tony
Thats a great site! I'm all signed up!   ;D

Interesting. Did you sign up for the newsletter or the class? Or just the website in general?


 on: Today at 06:01:04 PM 
Started by ArmyofMike - Last post by RockRanger
Following.  I can't commit just yet but would like to make it this year.

 on: Today at 04:44:38 PM 
Started by K6TLR - Last post by monyman
This is an awesome service and one I'm certain will be helpful to many. You go dude....

 on: Today at 07:52:23 AM 
Started by ArmyofMike - Last post by ArmyofMike
Well, this year for spring break, my son, a friend and I went to Death Valley for 5 days and traveled almost 350 miles throughout the park. We went to Reward Mine, Cerro Gordo, Hunter Mountain, Racetrack Playa, Teakettle Junction, Lippencott Mine, Ubehebe Crater, Rainbow Valley, Eureka Dunes and Alabama Hills. It was a beautiful, fun, memorable overland trip....Soooo, I want to do it again, spending more time in the Stovepipe Wells, Furnace creek areas for a few days this time.

The trip this year was supposed to be a larger group, however, some of our traveling group got sick and it turned into the Oregon Trail, with only two vehicles going out of the planned 8. Hopefully, you can make the event in 2018! I am planning the trip for March 25/Sunday/leave through Thursday March 29th/Thursday/return.

Sunday March 25th: I am planning to leave Fresno on Sunday March 25th, traveling through Bakersfield, up towards Lone Pine. It was nice going through Lone Pine last time and gassing up, eating and then hitting up Reward Mine in the afternoon before bunking down in Alabama Hills. This will more than likely be my plan for this trip as well.

Monday March 26th: Travel from Alabama Hills to Cerro Gordo mid morning for a tour and visit. Eat lunch and then head towards Highway 190. Stop at Father Crowley Point Overlook, then travel to Stovepipe Wells and Mesquite Flats Sand Dunes. I then plan to camp near Furnace Creek (either in a designated CG or Dry if possible, any ideas?)

Tuesday March 27th: Drive from camp spot to 20 Mules Road and around the trail, then to Dante's View. Then, drive to either Harmony Borax Works or to Badwater, still TBD. From here, we I plan to drive towards Ubehebe Crater (perhaps making it or camping for night.) Find Camp, TBD

Wednesday March 28th: Drive through and visit Ubehebe Crater, then drive to Teakettle Junction, Racetrack Playa and Lippencott mine. Camp there overnight.

Thursday March 29th: Travel from Lippencott Mine area back to Lone Pine to replenish and then head home.

This is all a tentative schedule for now. @Rockranger was going to join this year, but was unable to. Hoping some can make it this year!

 on: October 16, 2017, 07:25:55 AM 
Started by Tony - Last post by ArmyofMike
I can't make it this weekend, but what a fun looking spot to visit!

 on: October 15, 2017, 09:25:42 PM 
Started by Tony - Last post by Tony
I haven't posted here in a while but was wondering if there would be any interest in wheeling to Mt Tom this Saturday, Oct 21st? Located above Huntington Lake off Kaiser Pass Rd, it'd be a day trip with mostly fire roads with what looks to be great views from the peak. It might even be a good place to try your DX'ing skills if you're a Ham.


 on: October 15, 2017, 08:34:52 PM 
Started by K6TLR - Last post by K6TLR
Thats a great site! I'm all signed up!   ;D

Interesting. Did you sign up for the newsletter or the class? Or just the website in general?

 on: October 15, 2017, 08:02:37 PM 
Started by K6TLR - Last post by Tony
Thats a great site! I'm all signed up!   ;D

 on: October 15, 2017, 03:27:50 PM 
Started by K6TLR - Last post by K6TLR
Uhhhhh, This is awesome! I've been needing to get my Ham License completed, but my weekends are always too booked for training workshops. Now I can do it online! Yes Please! I will be signing up soon.

Once we take the course, I would need to find a local testing date/location for the Ham Tech License? How much is the licensing test?

Thank you and signed up for the newsletter!

Nice! I setup the coupon code for 4x4 Him members. Upon checkout, when prompted, put in "4X4HIM".

Awesome on the newsletters! Ill get those up and running here soon. Im trying to get all the trail maps up first, then ill start crackin out the newsletters either once a month or once every 2 weeks. For now, im just putting out updates on the forums about things as they happen.

FCC license fee is 15$. If you go to myoffroadradio.com and then to ham radio > testing tips, there is a button at the top of that page that will take you to the arrl testing location search page. Just put in your zip code.

 on: October 15, 2017, 03:04:41 PM 
Started by K6TLR - Last post by cruiserfj45
$15 is the charge that the FCC charges, he is offering a personal tutorial of sorts.

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