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Praise Reports / My Youth Group
« on: March 28, 2011, 11:38:21 PM »
 :rockon:  My youth group just took 1st place in 6 categories in a central california talent contest.  We won in worship band, female vocal, male vocal, art, multiple voice, and group dance.  We competed against over 300 other churches and now going to Dallas, Texas on June 20 - June 27 to compete against churches all over the United States in a national talent contest.  Good times and very proud of them.  Now comes all the fundraising and organizing.  Anyone got any good fundraising ideas let me know.  :band:
I also got the wife to commit to the April meet n greet for 4x4him.  woohoo

Looks like we will be having the funds to get us a 4x4 around mid august/september.  We still arent sure what we are going to be buying.  I like 1977ish broncos, 4runners are always good, everybody loves a jeep (even a sami hehe)  would love to seem some of the club JK's and other rigs also.   
So I would love to have a some shown tell of some club rigs and see what I might like?
We plan on coming to the April 15 get together hope to see some rigs there.   

Prayer Request / Wife needs Prayer for school
« on: March 26, 2011, 08:09:26 PM »
My wife Elaine is in the Registered Nurse (RN) Program at Fresno City College and she would love some prayer.  I have always called her God's favorite lady because it seems like God gives her special attn on a regular basis.  The last awesome thing was when she got in The RN program within one semester when there are people still waiting 8 yrs to get in (it's a lotto to get in).  My wife has always gotten pretty much striaght A's and been top of the class.   Her 2 current classes are really hard and she is passing with C's and most in her class are failing. so please keep her in prayer to not get to stressed and plus these things:

1.  I am in charge of all grocery shopping and cooking
2.  I am in charge of all homework with kids and their showers (kids get bathed most days)
3.  I am in charge of cleaning house (my wife is a tidy person, I am not so tidy)
4.  The stress of school and work has made her sleeping not so good.
5.  She has this new problem with her eyes and head.  I keep talking about 4wheeling and buying a 4x4 in august/septemebr again and again and her eyes     
     keep rolling to the back of her head and her head turns in wierd ways.  (she cant wait but focused on school atm)
6.  When she graduates whe will be the Director of Nurses at her facility.

Self Introductions / Hello all new to the forum
« on: March 22, 2011, 10:55:01 PM »
Hey all so glad to be part of the forum.  My name is Jeff, the wife is Elaine and the kids are Jackie and Josiah.   We used to 4wheel as teen's and young 20's but then got married, had kids and had to sale the truck for a familylish vehicle.  We have been talking about getting back into 4wheeln and doing some family time out there somewhere.  So we are getting ready to sell our 2wd chev pickup and start looking for a 4x4 that can hold a family of 4 and gear.   Anyone have any suggestions for us let us know.  We are excited and once the 2wd sales I will be seriously looking for a 4x4.  Any and all suggestions will be gretly appreciated.

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