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Due to Covid-19 the April club meeting will be cancelled"Details"

2020 Cal 4Wheel ConventionDetails

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 Updated list,  please get ready for this Saturday @ time and place mentioned.
If you wish to be an alternate please show up,  you never know uff you might be needed to fill in a spot...
Thank you

I have the following insurance forms from
mike n
mike h
tony and Annette
jeff s

I still have nothing from devon.
If possible please take a picture and txt it to me. I'm actually sitting in front of a computer doing some other things right now.
Thank you all

Also the city yard parking lot was secured as of last night and I made sure we can use the restrooms. I just have to accompany persons through the yard to the restrooms and back. We don't want anyone wandering around.

Okay I've got emails and txts of the copied insurance cards from the following.
Rusty,  cruiser fj45, Dutchman, Michael h, and Mike n
I need a couple more from Jerry rig, and Jeff s

Just got back from putting my truck in @ Clovis freest sorry.
Yes, Way2cool57@comcast.net

Come on folks,  need 2 more people.... please help to wrangle in some other members.....

I'll ask now that I think of it,  if we can have utv's and side x sides in this parade. 
Maybe Robert and Randy (horserider)q. Might be interested?
Ill find out some details and let you all know.
Please post up and get me those copies asap

Thank you Tony and Annette,  and Mike army of Mike awesome....

It was brought to my attention my email was incorrect.
Thank you Jerry for correcting me.  I have put the correct email on here so if they didn't go through please try again.
My apologies for my forsight.

Thank you Jerry rig.... please send your insurance cards just like previous years.
Rock ranger,  are you saying you wish to be any alternate?
If yes please send me a copy of insurance so I have it.  Thank you

Hey everybody...........................december 2 please mark your calendars

So it's that time of year again and time is already skipped ahead! So here's the skinny,  I've got the Meeting place and I'll take care of the entrance . All I need is 10 volunteers and 2 alternates please step up and please step in I have been doing it the last 11 years I will continue to take care of all that is necessary and I will be there the night of. The address is 155 North Sunnyside the city of Clovis municipal court yard . Will meet here from 4:00 p.m. on you can show up earlier if you choose but I will show up at 4:00 p.m. so please be ready what I need from everybody is your insurance cards please remember without your insurance card and/or proof of insurance the for you get here so that means you need to email it to me .
Please email way2cool57@comcast.net
Again everybody get your rigs ready get them going decide what you want to do we can have a maximum of 10 rigs as per normal so please get out the generators the lights and all of the accessories to make him look cool and look bright do we have our 1st couple of volunteers?
1. Dutchman (Myron K)
2. CruiserFJ45 (Jacob K)
3. Purplejeeper (Devon)
4. Rev(Jeff S)
5. jerry rig (Jerry)
6. Armyofmike (Mike)
7. Tony (Tony)  :D
8. Rusty
9. alternate confirmed
10. Rockrunner (Jimmy c)

Alternate 1.rockranger not available,  checking for next in line
Alternate 2.Mike Wheeler can't make it.

Again if you need to call me or email me or text me whatever it takes if you need or need questions answered then please do so message me on here or message me at the E-mail provided above.
Phone # (559) 3zero7-four8fourseven.........
Call, txt,  email
Thank you everyone,  please sign up asap and send me your insurance cards

Okay folks, last spot is taken.
See you all tomorrow from 330pm on.
Please be ready to leave our parking area @ 530pm. We need too be @ the rodeo grounds no later than 6pm.
This is easy to accomplish because the grounds are right around the corner from my work.
Remember were meeting @ 155 n. Sunnyside @ the city of Clovis municipal yard. Trust me it's back there, it's hidden from the road. Just head towards the gate and you'll see the parking lot!
If you need any further info again my cell number is 3zero7- four8four7

I'll be in the back so I can push him!

Just one more folks......

Great news, one more confirmed.
Marlin is in!
Woo hoo the marlin crawler is in with us.....

Well this is a bummer....

I need 2 people to sign up now. Tony and Annette sorry you cant make it. Mr. Orange too bad.

If anyone knows of any other club members that are interested then please step up. I just need insurance cards and your in. actually @ this point we have enough because rock ranger and tony/Annette gave me theirs so we have insurance cards just need 2 more willing members.

Come on folks, lets have a full showing.....

Just got one more from jerry rig! woo hoo thank you.
now I just need one more person and/or Mr. orange......

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