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What is going on with 4x 4Him Christian Wheelers / HAM call signs
« on: June 12, 2019, 08:22:29 AM »
Hello everyone I am putting together a list of everyone who has a HAM license and their call signs.  Hoping to have this done in the next few weeks so that we can keep this list in our rigs while on the trail.  God Bless!

Jeff Sims (Rev)                             KM6JPU

Prayer Request / Tanya O'brien asking for prayer
« on: January 30, 2019, 07:50:47 AM »
So I ran into Tanya and Ron at Walmart last night.  Tanya is having some health issues and asked if we could all pray for her.  So please remember her in your prayers through out the day folks. 

God Bless,    Jeff 

Prayer Request / 2019 officers and elections
« on: January 22, 2019, 08:32:10 AM »
Let's all be praying for 2019.  Especially with the elections of our new officers in February.  The club has really grown this last year and we have some amazing people getting ready to make it that much better. 

I am going to make a slideshow for the club Christmas party. Please PM me pics of your adventures on the trail. The more we have the better the slideshow will be.

What is going on with 4x 4Him Christian Wheelers / 4x4Him Christmas Party
« on: November 23, 2018, 05:22:25 PM »
Come celebrate Christmas with us on December 15th from 1-4pm.  This will be a great time of fellowship, food, and fun.     
-Lunch will be from the menu
-White Elephant Gift Exchange $15-$20 limit
-Contests and Awards
-and more.....

Where: Yosemite Falls Cafe
           4020 N Cedar Ave, Fresno, California 93726
When:  Saturday, December 15th 
Time:   1pm-4pm

RHRU 2018 / Saturday Night Tri-tip Meal
« on: July 08, 2018, 04:49:49 PM »
Saturday night there will be a catered Trip-tip dinner for $10 per person.  We need everyone to please sign up now so that we can have an accurate count of meals needed.  We would also like to have dinners paid for asap.  So please try to pay for your meal at our up coming club meeting on July 16th (shirts also).
Or paypal via friends and family to Jeff sims :  pastorjsims@sbcglobal.net

If you are unable to pay for meals at this time but still interested in the dinner.  Please contact Jeff on facebook, text 559-994-2209, or private message. 

We are also asking that everyone brings a dessert to share after dinner. 

Forest Dept is asking for our help.  We need to move rocks from sand flats to the first water crossing on red lake trail.

Group will meet at 168 and red trail entrance at 8am.  Gate will be locked behind the group and ppe is neded to be able to work on the trail. 

RHRU 2018 / RockHopper 2018 T shirt sale
« on: June 25, 2018, 08:10:05 AM »
It is time to sign up for your RockHopper 2018 tshirt. 

 Please list the quantity, size of shirts, for male or female of shirts you are ordering. 

Deadline for tshirt sales will on July 16th which is our next club meeting.

Shirts are $20 each and must be paid by July 16th. 

Please submit payment to paypal:  pastorjsims@sbcglobal.net via friends and family  ( so we dont get charged by paypal)  or pay at July 16th club meeting.

Let's Go Wheeling! / 07-14-18 Shuteye Trail and Tower Run
« on: June 17, 2018, 03:34:01 PM »
We will be leaving Oakhurst Vons Supermarket at 9am. Please be prepared to leave at this time. This is a great trail for stock to built rigs and a great friends and family run.

Please bring some food and drinks for lunch at the tower. Some of us stop at Pete's Place in Oakhurst for dinner.

This is a beautiful trail with some amazing rock formations and view of the forest from the top of Shuteye. Hoping to have a another good group on this run.

We are looking for volunteers to come in for the day and/or overnight to work on the trail and campground. We will be working with Fresno Club to get this done and ready for opening day. WE MUST BE AT SAND FLATS BY 8AM. Do not be late because the gate will be closed behind us and you will not be able to join us.

We will be going in with a maximum of 4 vehicles. Mike H will be taking his Jeep with room for a few to ride along. We could use Up to three more drivers with very capable rigs and experience. We need everyone to bring shovels, pruning shears, and other tools that might be needed for this trip.

Only those that have been certified by the SNF are allowed to use a chainsaw if wearing all the proper PPE. You also need to have all your SNF volunteer forms filled out before or on this date. Please bring a hardhat, gloves, pants, long sleeve shirts for the work day.

Bring your own food/fluids and a servants attitude.

If I have forgotten anything please chime in.


RHRU 2018 / RHRU August, 3-5 2018
« on: May 14, 2018, 09:03:37 PM »
Please join us for our annual Rock Hopper Round up on August 3rd - 5th.

There is room for large camp trailers but the only way in at the moment is from the Tamarack Snow Park side. Due to this last winters storms, Rock Creek Road from the Dinkey Creek side is washed out just past the lower green gate.   This event is open to all and is family friendly.

Saturday nights movie will be "I Can Only Imagine." 

There will be a bounce house for the kids.

We will be selling RockHopper 2018 Tshirts. (must order and pay for shirts by July 16th)

Saturday night triptip will be catered for $10 per person.   (must pre order and pay for dinner by July 30th)

Please provide a dessert to share in the group for the Saturday night dinner.   

Please no alcohol at this event. 

There will be a Friday night run to Bald Mt. and a few different runs Saturday. Trails are open to all 4x4 vehicles from stock all the way to extreme, however depending on vehicle condition trail bosses will have final say if your vehicle is capable for the run or not.

There will be a basic cal4wheel vehicle safety check so please use common sense for vehicle condition. If you need help getting your rig trail ready please let us know and we will see if we can get it ready before you head up the hill.

1. Roll bar or factory installed hard top.
2. Emergency brake, parking brake, line-lock or other redundant braking system.
3. Tow strap or rope (recommend rated at 2 times the vehicle weight).
4. First aid kit.
5. Jack capable of lifting the vehicle & tools to change tire.
6. Spare tire within 3 inches diameter of other tires, or, for tires 37" or larger, run-flats or tools to repair/reinflate tire.
7. Fire extinguisher with gauge indicating good/full, appropriately stored.
8. Seat belts for all vehicle occupants.
9. Antennas must be rigid or restrained in a manner to prevent injuries.
10. Adequate attachment points front and rear, i.e. tow hooks, receiver, etc. Tow balls are not permitted.
11. Battery hold downs (no bungee cords).

Fires will be allowed this year however you will need a campfire permit.

For the ham radio guys we will be using the repeater up on Deadwood to talk to those coming up.  147.180 + 146.2.  for simplex we will be using the channel that Fresno 4wd club normally uses which is 147.500 and a back up simplex of 146.500.  Cb channel is 37 like always.

Please drive slow around camp as there will be children playing.  No discharge of fire arms of any type allowed in camp due to children.  Pets are allowed as long as they are dog or kid friendly (young kids grabbing, pulling and poking them) please maintain control of them or please don't bring them.

Directions to the Bald Mountain Base Camp.  (where we are camping)
From Highway 99 Take Highway 180 East in Fresno, then Take Hwy 168 East into Shaver Lake area,
Pass shaver lake and continue to the first Snow park on your RIGHT side Tamarack Ridge.
Go to the back of the parking lot and you will find the road continues.
Stay on the main road and watch for signs pointing to Rock Hopper.  I'm not sure of the distance but for some people it can take up to 30 min on Tamarack road with a large travel trailer.

We will be joining Bakersfield 4x4Him on this amazing weekend.

4x4Him Bakersfield will be leading club members on a night run up the Miller Jeep Trail outside Frazier Park on 5/26/18.

 A few of us are camping at the Gorman Off Road Park Friday and Saturday Night.

You are welcome to camp with us or just drive up for the night run. We are meeting at the Flying J in Frazier Park at 4:30pm, pulling out at 5pm to head to the trail head off Lockwood Valley Road. Flying J is at: 42810 Frazier Mountain Road, Lebec. If you are driving up from Bakersfield you will want to leave by 3:30pm to arrive at the Flying J by 4:30pm. (yes I know some up you can make it there in half an hour, but some people will be following the speed limit and pulling their rigs). If you are camping with us post below and we will find a meeting spot in Bakersfield to drive up together on Friday night, leaving Bakersfield at 6pm. You can also join us for camping just Saturday night after the run if you don't want to drive all the way back to Bakersfield that night. Just arrive Saturday morning and set up camp with us. This is one of our most popular annual runs. We usually have at least 20 rigs join us, that's without adding the Fresno group. So we may be out most of the night. We usually don't get back to the highway until 1am, but it may be later this year depending on the number of rigs and how much trouble we run into on the trail. Vehicle Requirements: Working 4 wheel drive, oversized Off road Tires (32 inch or larger work well), a tow point from front and back of your rig (in case you need a tug or need to give someone behind you a tug), a tow strap. Recommended: skid plates (body protection), a 3 inch lift. CB radio or hand held walkie talkie. A rear wheel locker comes in handy but isn't required.

Pack drinks and snacks (leave Alcohol at home), warm clothes (it gets cold at night), bug repellant. The first 3/4 of the trail has lots of sandy hill climbs, ruts to climb over, and a few side obstacles. The final 1/4 of the the trail is straight up the mountain with lots of bolders to climb. We end up at the camp ground at the top of the Gorman Off Road Park then take the dirt road 10 miles back to the highway. Those camping will pull off into the camp ground when we get back to the Off Road Park and the rest of the group will air up their tires and head back to Bakersfield. Kids are welcome, but we will be out late.



Christian Talk / My Promise Land
« on: May 11, 2018, 09:04:40 PM »
A good friend of mine, Bishop Rob Culver has started a monthly blog on his website.  Thought it would be a great idea to share it with everybody.

My Promise Land

Have you ever stopped to think about the promise land?  The promise land was the place that God had promised to the Nation of Israel. Because of all the enemies along the way, it would be an extreme challenge for them to get there.  God has promised us a promise land too.  We call it heaven.

Let me remind you, Ladies and Gentlemen, that there will always be plenty of enemies that will try to stop you from getting to your promise land.

One of my favorite comic strips is Peanuts.  One day Lucy and Linus were sitting in front of the television set, when Lucy said to Linus, “go get me a glass of water”. Linus, looking surprised said, “why should I do anything for you, you never do anything for me.”

“On your seventy-fifth birthday”, Lucy promised, “I’ll bake you a cake”. Linus got up, headed for the kitchen and said, “life is more pleasant when you have something to look forward to.”

Linus was right, life is more pleasant when you have something to look forward to.

That’s why the Christian life is a blessed life.  It’s a life of overflowing hope. Before salvation, the Bible described us as ‘without God and without hope.’ (Ephesians 2:12) But now, we ‘rejoice in hope of the glory of God.’ (Romans 5:2)

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s really no problem to face those obstacles and struggles knowing that I have something to look forward to.  I have my hope fixed on eternity with Jesus, my promise land.

Central District Meeting:
The Central District Meeting will be hosted by the High Sierra 4WD Club out of  Woodlake on Saturday, July 21. Meeting time 10am – 2pm. I’m excited to have the meeting in Woodlake!! This club has been one of the fastest growing clubs in California, so come and meeting these good people!!
The address is 36601 Millwood Dr. Woodlake, Ca. 93286.
There will be High Sierra 4wd Club and Cal4Wheel banners at the entrance to the property. The High Sierra 4WD Club will BBQ some burgers or tri-tip with a side or two as a fund raiser similar to what was done by the Santa Maria club in Oceano a few months back.
Tables and chairs will be set up for everyone to sit, enjoy the meeting and eat. If you need further information regarding the location, please reach out to Steve Tindle, President of the High Sierra 4wd Club highsierra4wdclub@gmail.com.
Each Club Representative. Please bring:
An update regarding your club, membership numbers, upcoming events/fundraisers, and/or anything else you’d like to share out with all of us? Bring your fliers for any of your club events coming up.

A raffle prize to donate to our raffle we have during the meeting. It’s a small fundraiser for the Central District, so hopefully everyone will participate in this?

Please forward this email to your club members. All is welcome to attend and hear about what’s happening across the state regarding OHV access and all the great things happening with Cal4Wheel!!

This would be a great opportunity to answer any questions regarding the Membership Portal.
Lastly,,,, Central District Molina Ghost Run is coming up this weekend on May 11-12 at the Hollister Hills SVRA. Please share with your club members and on your Facebook Page encouraging their participation: https://cal4wheel.com/events/molina-ghost-run..
Our Central District High Sierra Poker Run is coming up Aug 31- Sept. 03!! https://cal4wheel.com/events/high-sierra-poker-run... Help is needed, so if you want to volunteer, pls contact Steve Peckman with the Kingsburg 4 Wheel Drive Club: speckham@quinnlift.com
Our Central District OCTOBER 21 MEETING is already set to be hosted by the Four Wheel Drive Club of Fresno, so mark your calendar and more information will be sent out. The location will be the Yosemite Falls Café in Fresno.
We will have a rundown and update of the event at our district meeting.
Thank you and see you on all on July 21 if not sooner out on the trail!!
Mike McGarity
President, Cal4Wheel Conservation & Education Foundation
V​ice President, Cal4Wheel Central District
Past President/ Grant Administrator, Clovis Independent 4 Wheelers
1735 David E. Cook Way, Ste. C
Clovis, CA 93611
This communication contains information which may be confidential to the person or group receiving the email. The information is intended only the use of the individual or entity named above. Please do not forward, copy or share on any social media such as Facebook without permission. Thank you.

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