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Please Join us for our June 15 Club meeting"Details"

2020 Cal 4Wheel ConventionDetails

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Please join us for our July 20th club meeting.

Date:  Monday, July 20, 2020

Time:  6:00pm for dinner
         7:00pm for meeting

Place:  Yosemite Falls Cafe PATIO PATIO PATIO
             4020 N Cedar Ave
             Fresno, CA 93726

Plan:  August RockHopper Camp out, Fellowship, Club Business, and upcoming events. 

You're welcome to arrive @ 6:00 PM if you would like to place your dinner order early.

Please join us for dinner! The restaurant will let us order on separate tickets.

Please order as you arrive, this will keep the workload on the staff to a minimum.

We will be meeting on the patio

Remember Your Raffle Prizes!!!

We hope to see you all there!

4X4Him is going to be going into Red Lake to do some work.  We will be cleaning the bathrooms, fixing fire pits, cleaning up garbage and etc.   The work shouldn't take to long and we can stay to enjoy the campground, lunch, fellowship, and some fishing.

We will meet to air down and prep for the trail at 8:30am at the Red Lake turn off.  If you have never been it is just a few miles past Tamarack snow park on the right side.  Best way is to follow someone up. 

If you have any questions please ask.

RHRU 2018 / RockHopper 2020
« on: June 17, 2020, 08:03:37 PM »
Please join us for our annual Rock Hopper Round up July 31st - August 2nd.  Please take time to read all the information and if you have any questions please do not be afraid to ask. 

This is a great family weekend of 4wheeling and camping.  We will be bringing our own CLEAN BATHROOMS for this event.  There is plenty of great camping spots at Bald Mountain Base camp but remember it is first come first serve.

Due to the COVID-19 and unable to meet as a group this last few months.  We will not be selling shirts or having any catered meals this year.  Instead we will have a potluck Saturday night when we all get back from a day of wheeling.  Please provide a dessert to share in the group for the Saturday night dinner.   

Please no alcohol at this event.

 Trails are open to all 4x4 vehicles from stock all the way to extreme, however depending on vehicle condition trail bosses will have final say if your vehicle is capable for the run or not.
We usually run a group all over Bald Mountain, a group to Strawberry Lake, and a group to Red Lake. 

There will be a basic cal4wheel vehicle safety check so please use common sense for vehicle condition. If you need help getting your rig trail ready please let us know and we will see if we can get it ready before you head up the hill.

1. Roll bar or factory installed hard top.
2. Emergency brake, parking brake, line-lock or other redundant braking system.
3. Tow strap or rope (recommend rated at 2 times the vehicle weight).
4. First aid kit.
5. Jack capable of lifting the vehicle & tools to change tire.
6. Spare tire within 3 inches diameter of other tires, or, for tires 37" or larger, run-flats or tools to repair/reinflate tire.
7. Fire extinguisher with gauge indicating good/full, appropriately stored.
8. Seat belts for all vehicle occupants.
9. Antennas must be rigid or restrained in a manner to prevent injuries.
10. Adequate attachment points front and rear, i.e. tow hooks, receiver, etc. Tow balls are not permitted.
11. Battery hold downs (no bungee cords).

Due to a dry season, camp fires will not be allowed this year however you can bring a fire ring, BBQ grill or something similar that can be turned on and off with at will. 

For the ham radio guys we will be using the repeater up on Deadwood to talk to those coming up.  147.180 + 146.2.  for simplex we will be using the channel that Fresno 4wd club normally uses which is 147.500 and a back up simplex of 146.500.  Cb channel is 37 like always.

Please drive slow around camp as there will be children playing.  No discharge of fire arms of any type allowed in camp due to children.  Pets are allowed as long as they are dog or kid friendly (young kids grabbing, pulling and poking them) please maintain control of them or please don't bring them.

Directions to the Bald Mountain Base Camp.  (where we are camping)
From Highway 99 Take Highway 180 East in Fresno, then Take Hwy 168 East into Shaver Lake area,
Pass shaver lake and continue to the first Snow park on your RIGHT side Tamarack Ridge.
Go to the back of the parking lot and you will find the road continues.
Stay on the main road and watch for signs pointing to Rock Hopper.  I'm not sure of the distance but for some people it can take up to 30 min on Tamarack road with a large travel trailer.

Please join us for our March 16th club meeting.

Date:  Monday, March 16, 2020

Time:  6:00pm for dinner; 7:00pm for meeting

Place:  Yosemite Falls Cafe
          4020 N Cedar Ave
          Fresno, CA 93726

Plan:  Fellowship, Club Business, and upcoming events.

Please join us for dinner! The restaurant will let us order on separate tickets.
You're welcome to arrive @ 6:00 PM if you would like to place your dinner order early.
Please order as you arrive, this will keep the workload on the staff to a minimum.
We will be meeting in their banquet room.

Remember Your Raffle Prizes!!!

We hope to see you all there!

This will be a potluck luncheon.  So bring your favorite Christmas dish, side or dessert.  ( or all of it )

For those who are interested, there will be a white elephant gift exchange.  Gift usually no higher than $20.00

Mike Herlihy Home
13143 E Rialto Ave
Sanger, CA  93657

1pm - 4pmish

Herlihy home cross streets are Rialto and Academy ave. 

What is going on with 4x 4Him Christian Wheelers / HAM call signs
« on: June 12, 2019, 08:22:29 AM »
Hello everyone I am putting together a list of everyone who has a HAM license and their call signs.  Hoping to have this done in the next few weeks so that we can keep this list in our rigs while on the trail.  God Bless!

Jeff Sims (Rev)                             KM6JPU

Prayer Request / Tanya O'brien asking for prayer
« on: January 30, 2019, 07:50:47 AM »
So I ran into Tanya and Ron at Walmart last night.  Tanya is having some health issues and asked if we could all pray for her.  So please remember her in your prayers through out the day folks. 

God Bless,    Jeff 

Prayer Request / 2019 officers and elections
« on: January 22, 2019, 08:32:10 AM »
Let's all be praying for 2019.  Especially with the elections of our new officers in February.  The club has really grown this last year and we have some amazing people getting ready to make it that much better. 

I am going to make a slideshow for the club Christmas party. Please PM me pics of your adventures on the trail. The more we have the better the slideshow will be.

What is going on with 4x 4Him Christian Wheelers / 4x4Him Christmas Party
« on: November 23, 2018, 05:22:25 PM »
Come celebrate Christmas with us on December 15th from 1-4pm.  This will be a great time of fellowship, food, and fun.     
-Lunch will be from the menu
-White Elephant Gift Exchange $15-$20 limit
-Contests and Awards
-and more.....

Where: Yosemite Falls Cafe
           4020 N Cedar Ave, Fresno, California 93726
When:  Saturday, December 15th 
Time:   1pm-4pm

RHRU 2018 / Saturday Night Tri-tip Meal
« on: July 08, 2018, 04:49:49 PM »
Saturday night there will be a catered Trip-tip dinner for $10 per person.  We need everyone to please sign up now so that we can have an accurate count of meals needed.  We would also like to have dinners paid for asap.  So please try to pay for your meal at our up coming club meeting on July 16th (shirts also).
Or paypal via friends and family to Jeff sims :  pastorjsims@sbcglobal.net

If you are unable to pay for meals at this time but still interested in the dinner.  Please contact Jeff on facebook, text 559-994-2209, or private message. 

We are also asking that everyone brings a dessert to share after dinner. 

Forest Dept is asking for our help.  We need to move rocks from sand flats to the first water crossing on red lake trail.

Group will meet at 168 and red trail entrance at 8am.  Gate will be locked behind the group and ppe is neded to be able to work on the trail. 

RHRU 2018 / RockHopper 2018 T shirt sale
« on: June 25, 2018, 08:10:05 AM »
It is time to sign up for your RockHopper 2018 tshirt. 

 Please list the quantity, size of shirts, for male or female of shirts you are ordering. 

Deadline for tshirt sales will on July 16th which is our next club meeting.

Shirts are $20 each and must be paid by July 16th. 

Please submit payment to paypal:  pastorjsims@sbcglobal.net via friends and family  ( so we dont get charged by paypal)  or pay at July 16th club meeting.

Let's Go Wheeling! / 07-14-18 Shuteye Trail and Tower Run
« on: June 17, 2018, 03:34:01 PM »
We will be leaving Oakhurst Vons Supermarket at 9am. Please be prepared to leave at this time. This is a great trail for stock to built rigs and a great friends and family run.

Please bring some food and drinks for lunch at the tower. Some of us stop at Pete's Place in Oakhurst for dinner.

This is a beautiful trail with some amazing rock formations and view of the forest from the top of Shuteye. Hoping to have a another good group on this run.

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