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Hey everybody...........................december 2 please mark your calendars

So it's that time of year again and time is already skipped ahead! So here's the skinny,  I've got the Meeting place and I'll take care of the entrance . All I need is 10 volunteers and 2 alternates please step up and please step in I have been doing it the last 11 years I will continue to take care of all that is necessary and I will be there the night of. The address is 155 North Sunnyside the city of Clovis municipal court yard . Will meet here from 4:00 p.m. on you can show up earlier if you choose but I will show up at 4:00 p.m. so please be ready what I need from everybody is your insurance cards please remember without your insurance card and/or proof of insurance the for you get here so that means you need to email it to me .
Please email way2cool57@comcast.net
Again everybody get your rigs ready get them going decide what you want to do we can have a maximum of 10 rigs as per normal so please get out the generators the lights and all of the accessories to make him look cool and look bright do we have our 1st couple of volunteers?
1. Dutchman (Myron K)
2. CruiserFJ45 (Jacob K)
3. Purplejeeper (Devon)
4. Rev(Jeff S)
5. jerry rig (Jerry)
6. Armyofmike (Mike)
7. Tony (Tony)  :D
8. Rusty
9. alternate confirmed
10. Rockrunner (Jimmy c)

Alternate 1.rockranger not available,  checking for next in line
Alternate 2.Mike Wheeler can't make it.

Again if you need to call me or email me or text me whatever it takes if you need or need questions answered then please do so message me on here or message me at the E-mail provided above.
Phone # (559) 3zero7-four8fourseven.........
Call, txt,  email
Thank you everyone,  please sign up asap and send me your insurance cards

Hey all, its that time again...
The annual Clovis children's electric Christmas parade is upon us. I just came from the Clovis Kiwanis club and got the form and will fill it out and send it in. plenty of time still so were a go!
December 3, which is a Saturday night and we need to be @ the rodeo grounds @ 630pm
please meet @ the location I have listed so we can all parade together. please make time in your schedule to allow for a before meet up and install of lights, Jacob....... ;D ;D ;D

Now the tough stuff that always seems to be confusing so here's what I am going to do to make it forward and simple.

If you want in, you must have [b]insurance cards[/b]. What does this mean. Okay since I've done this so many years, no they don't pay attention, at all, just photo copy your insurance card and please make sure it current. Again they don't pay attention but you need to provide me with something so photocopy it because you wont get it back. we cannot get in otherwise.

If your rig is not street able, again see above![/b[/color]] Just provide me with a card for something but photocopy it because it will not be returned.

I will be asking my work if we can use the parking lot there which is 155 north sunnyside ave clovis ca. 93611. there is place's for your trailers and its secure with surveillance and usually there are city pd vehicles in the lot because our gas station is there and they usually are in the parking lot doing paperwork or having lunch. So safe and secure.

Next on the to do list........sign upsI have a couple people wanting in so now were here and official, there are 10 spots available and I will as always put myself on the alternative list.

I think Cruserfj45 wanted in and jerry rig
1. cruiser fj45
2. jerry rig
3. rev
4. jake 62
5. rusty and Susan
6. dutchmen
7. peachy
8. mike newton
9. marlin and christine
10. ed and Rosanne

alt 1.
alt 2.

Let's Go Wheeling! / let's go red, white and blue! to the snow!!!
« on: December 29, 2013, 03:27:00 PM »
Hey all, this was proposed to me and I'm down! Dutchmanis the red Sammy, iI'm the blue Sammy and jimmy is the white samurai!
There's a ton of new friends jimmy introduced me to on our last snow day so we might even have more samurai's and hopefully Sooooo!
Zuper, my parents (both silver Sammie's) maybe suzah if He'll come also?
If you know of a samurai friend tell and please invite them I'm trying to make this a big thing for the Sammy guys around!
Btw all others are invited, and I know I haven't set a date cause mine is on the lift in repair mode again but should be good in about a week or Sooooo?
That said, what say all you for a date in January? This coming week isn't good for me and I know, correct me if I'm wrong Dutchman, but the last week is bad for him and he and jimmy must be present for a red, white, blue salute!
Post up............... :2Thumbsup: Jacob, Mitch and Cecil you guys could do red, white, blue also!

What is going on with 4x 4Him Christian Wheelers / wheeling today! 12-14-13
« on: December 14, 2013, 05:49:39 PM »
Fun time today on bald with jimmy and some of his friends! No real big issues, just a leaking radiator hose and some broken studs on a Toyota front upper knuckle steering link but we drive it out!

Let me see if I can post these pix!

Hey all! It's been a while and a lot is going on these days.....

Some, if not all of you know I do a lot of bicycle riding these days and some of you have seen me throughout losing weight and seen/heard about my riding activities. I like riding and when I can't, that's when I get back in the samurai and come wheeling with you all!
Today like most Fridays, I go on the Stevens sponsored, dirty Friday  mtb Let memountain bike) ride! While on today's journey I didn't know the route and one of the guys was kind of new/out of shape for the ride we did today. I didn't mind going slow being one of the faster/fastest riders there today, and keeping him company hanging back with him making sure he was okay! The rest of the group would go ahead and wait, go ahead and wait! Well @  one point a misunderstanding @ a waiting point and me not knowing the route lead to me trying to chase then to catch up but through some kids smoking pot, as I round a corner a scared me cause I don't know what they could do to me? It caused me to miss the turn, and sprint out of there (again, scared cause the unknown potential from them) up a hill and about 5mi the wrong way (again not knowing the route)! I finally turned around when I hit snow with no fresh tracks dim my group. I turned around and headed back and one of them had came for me! Thank you lord!!!
This is were it gets interesting..... He then tells me next time leave my ego @ the door and stop showing off! Also said I was arrogant for sprinting the wrong way! But it was them that didn't wait for me, as I had been patient and waited for the newbe all the ride up to that point?
How am I arrogant? How is this ego? 2 kids scaring me in unknown area, of unknown potential threat to me! What if they thought I was a ranger on a bike?
And I did explain this to him, but I was still called arrogant!

Let me ask this!!! If you are physically stronger than someone else and in this scenario, riding, it physically hurts you to go a slower pace! It's detrimental to your muscle so therefore you go your pace which sometimes is faster than others! How is it arrogant when you (you being me, in this scenario) wait @ a pre determined spot and you (again, being me), wait for everyone???

I guess I'm just frustrated right now, but the thing that is just boggling my mind is, I was patient, so I'm not asking for patience cause I was patient! It just threw me off so much right now! Kinda a left field thing?

Items Being Looked For / Bricks
« on: January 21, 2013, 07:48:40 PM »
Hey fellow 4 wheelers,
I'm looking for red bricks, or re-claimed red/white bricks! If anyone has or knows someone who wants to get rid of some I would gladly appreciate it! I'm trying to gather materials for my summer project! Also if anyone has the red ish colored roof tiles, I'll use those also!
Thanks, pm me our call me, 307-four eight 4 seven! Thanks peachy

Let's Go Wheeling! / Hey mitch and jake!
« on: July 28, 2012, 07:44:57 PM »
You guys passed me on dinky creek road today! I was on my roady bike waving! Hope you guys had as great a day as I did?

Christian Talk / Didn't know were else to post this?
« on: April 12, 2012, 12:25:46 PM »
Hey all, I just got off the phone with Zuper and he had a great suggestion!

I am doing a bicycle ride called the "Tour-de-cure". It is a fund raiser/ride for the search and cure for diabetes. 55Crawler and myself are doiing this ride and it will be the 3rd time I believe we have done it now, this year we will be riding in Napa valley (wine country) because we've done the Sacramento/Roseville the other times. She and I both have our own seperate pages and I would like to ask for everyones help with supporting with prayer and also if possible making a donation of any amount to reach my and her goal. She has already met her goal, but I have yet to do so, but by all and any means the more, the better soo please help us with prayer and whatever else you can.  :thank: here is a link to her and my page, hope it works?

55Crawler (Stacy Krahn)  http://main.diabetes.org/site/TR/TourdeCure/SanFranciscoArea?px=5707946&pg=personal&fr_id=8064

Peachy (Steven Schiedel) http://main.diabetes.org/site/TR/TourdeCure/SanFranciscoArea?px=5707971&pg=personal&fr_id=8064


Let's Go Wheeling! / Peachy wants to wheel, and take a friend!!! Come join
« on: November 04, 2011, 11:04:16 PM »
Hey ya'll! I am going to be going to bald on the 19th of Nov. just a day trip, maybe some snow soo we shall see? I am inviting a friend who has never been and doesn't quite know the lord, but that is not my main focus for this particular trip :Jesus:. I just wan to go and have a good day with great friends and my mom and dad who should also be in attendance! We are probably going to take a small bbq for some dogs and maybe some burgers :mosley:???

Thinking of meeting at :screwy: ummmmmmmmmmmm???

How about lets meet @ the top of the four lane (lookout point) around 9am ish?

 :sos: Hey gang! A couple months back I had posted and informed you all that my co-workers friend had fallen on hard times. I believe I had informed you that his wife is unable to work due to a disability preventing her from working. He is a mechanic or a driver for a local company (I forgot which)and they are doing better, from what I was told, as a company but have still not improved his wages to what they were. He is a loving father to 4 growing boys and a wife with special needs, and he does everything in his powers to keep them going. I am not a father but I know my own day to day struggles are taxing, and to have 5 people constantly depending on you, well it is simply beyond me!  :thud: My co-worker pulled me aside by way of calling me into the parts office(I am a mechanic, he is 1 of our parts personel) and let me hear a voice message that the father left. I am a guy and for any man on this forum to say you have too much pride too call for help from your brothren, desperately and in tears, you have to be kidding yourself! Robert (my co-worker) let me hear the message because he asked for our help. If I may ask you all again, please, please, please, go through your pantries, cubboards, garage shelves of extra canned goods, pasta, FOOD!!! Please help to feed this family as they are apparently still not doing very well. Prayers, and anything helpful would be staggering, I thak you all

I went to the 99c store every month for a while the last time I asked for hep for this family and I loaded them up with pasta's, canned goods, and calorie rich foods that were easy to cook, and would feed all for little money and feed for the entire meal as they are, again, a family of 6 in all. It was money well spent and I will do the same again as money is avaliable. You don't have to give your most expensive foods, just food thats good and hearty for them. :2Thumbsup:

From PEACHY, thank you all! (559)307-4847 :callme: for donations, Ill pick up, meet, whatever to get them fed. lots of prayers also! :groupprayer:

Prayer Request / Peachy's rig!
« on: March 27, 2011, 09:59:05 PM »
I'd like to start by 1st saying, I wish I would have had a camera! This weekend on my way up to China Peak for ski patrol I ran into a snow bank. No big deal, slow impact, no damage, just got stuck so I started digging my rig out. :kickcan: This is were the problem begins! :thud: As I am digging it out, still being careful with my back, a Subaru barely drifts by the rear of my sammy. The next vehicle, Chevy Tahoe, actually hit my sammy. My new rear bumper did a great job of absorbing the impact. The new swing-out, gas cans(not full) tire, high-lift, rear door, rear window, well they're a lose now. My sammy is hurting right now, and I really am fearing, since mine is a tin-top(which are more rare)that the added expense of a full rear door and the left lower quarter panel may be too much money. I now I can buy it back, but I really don't want a salvage titled vehicle.  :sadness:

I am glad we were both okay, and he was a fellow ski patrol personnel. I was not mad at all, I was laughing cause I was standing there digging it out and watched the whole thing happen. In fact, I thanked him for un-sticking it from the snow bank :rolllaugh:

I have been asking god for patience, guidance and understanding! Well it just kinda hit me (pun intended)  :HardLaugh:

I spent half the day snowboarding with him, and telling all the other patrolers of the story. The day only got better as I was helping were I could on the mountain and everyone saw my joyous happy attitude, even with the circumstances! :pray:

What an amazing experience in patience that I desperately needed to learn as some of you may know.

Thank you lord for all you do for us and the amazing ways you work in our lives. Please continue to work in my life so that I may continue to grow and be more like you. :pray:

Christian Talk / Students teache's the teacher!
« on: March 02, 2011, 07:55:56 PM »
Hey guys and gals! This was presented today at my men's bible study at church and just thought of sharing it with you. I've heard of a similar one like this but this one is way interesting and cool!


The web site i found it at is a little funky but just scroll down and read the story of this in class discussion!

FYI its Albert Einstein and the book this is quoted out of is God vs. Science, 1921

Prayer Request / Peachy's asking for some help!
« on: December 20, 2010, 06:17:38 PM »
Soo its been a little over a month and I've been to the doc's office a lot lately! I have been nursing a back/leg problem and had "x" ray done, even going to phsyical therapy for about 3 weeks now. This past Thursday I got the MRI done and the doc called this morning 1st thing with the results! :crying: Apparently I have a BIG herniated disc in my lower back between I think he said L3 and L4 or L4 and L5 of my lower back! I went to work, reluctantly like I have been the last couple of weeks and the doc called back after talking to the phsyical therapist and they recomended taking the next 2-4 weeks off!  :kickcan: I talked with the doc and the options arent really all that great. After my physical therapy tomorrow I have to immediately go to the doc's and start a oral steroid set! Waiting after that to get reffered to a pain specialist(Ithink that's what he called them)then a nero surjen for possible surgery! :crying: I have never, ever broken any bones, sprains, or ever needed surjery! This today was a shock to me, because as many of you may no, I'm not a small guy, and I'm not puny by any means, soo now my strenghts are usless to me now!
I have to sit, I cannot ride my bike(which has helped me to loose a lot of weight lately), I cannot ride my motorcycle, I cant work, I cant go up to China Peak and do some patrolling(which I want to go soo bad), and definetly no wheelin! :thud: :crying:
I hope and pray that this can just go away without much further medical intervention, cause I was really scared when I did the MRI the other day, I definetly don't want to go through surgery if I can avoid it!
If you dont mind, maybe, a prayer could be sent my way as this has been wearing on me, but its past wearing thin now and getting tougher! thanks everybody! :thank: :pray:

Check out this video, I got it from a friend and decided to repost! wow, in all our daily, seasonal troubles of regular day to day life, dont forget to stop and have a quiet moment of prayer! He is always there for you and never turns his back, so why would you turn your back on him! Give thanks to the lord for he is good! :pray:


Praise Reports / Peachy has graduated! woo hoo!
« on: December 16, 2010, 01:13:52 PM »
Hey everybody, I don't mean to  :music2: my own horn but this has been a long time coming! I went to see a counselor yesturday to further my education through Fresno City college to transfer to state for my next degree and when I got om I had a letter sayng I have been accepteed for graduation for my AS gm asep degree!  :respect: :teach:

Yeah, even though I have been out for about a year now and will be going back this spring to continue, but I have been fighting to get all my classes addressed so they would give me what I have earned!  :2Thumbsup: sooooooo happy woo hooo!

I guess I now smart or somethin, hey'uck! :PC: :pc:

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