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What is going on with 4x 4Him Christian Wheelers / October 16th Meeting
« on: October 05, 2015, 06:11:07 PM »
6:30 p.m.
(1 Street South of Gettysburg /
5 Houses East of Minnewawa)
559 960 7236


Wheeling Topics / Dusey/Ershim 2015
« on: July 09, 2015, 08:40:56 AM »
Just wanted to let everyone know that the wknd of July 17-19th, Marlin and Birddog are taking 2 groups into Dusey, 1 group at each end, to do trail clearing.  If you have signed your USFS volunteer agreement and are interested in helping out, give Marlin or Birddog a call.  They are only able to take 6 rigs (I believe) in from each end and not sure if they already have that but someone might have an open seat avail.

Prayer Request / Passing of our friend Lisa...
« on: July 09, 2015, 08:36:23 AM »
On Monday, July 6th, our friend Lisa underwent surgery to clean out some dead tissue that was pressing on her brain (this was where he tumor was).  Surgery was very successful and she didn't lose any of her speech (that was one of the possible outcome's of the surgery).  She was doing well til about 8:30 that evening, the "bruise" on her shin was bigger & starting to spider and was hot to the touch.  After being very insistent, her husband finally got one of the nurse's to contact the doctor.  They started antibiotics but by 1:30 am, she went into septic shock & crashed.  They got her back and she crashed again later.  They ended up intubating her about 10 am and by 3 pm she was gone.   I do praise God that she is no longer in pain & in heaven w/our heavenly Father!!   Her husband, daughters, family and extended family (us & other friends) are struggling and covet all your prayers!!

Thanks ahead of time from all of us!!

Susan & Chris

Prayer Request / Our friend Lisa
« on: November 11, 2014, 09:56:02 AM »
 Need prayers for our friend Lisa and her husband & family.  Lisa has been real sick for the last month &  finally went to the hospital yesterday and they found a 2" brain tumor.  They believe it is aggressive & doing a biopsy today @ 11 and then figure out what to do from there.   Thanks everyone!!

Praise Reports / Update on surgery...
« on: May 14, 2014, 01:17:11 AM »
The surgery went well but longer than they had originally anticipated.  4.5 hours instead of 3 hours.  The tumor was approximately 25mm which is just over an inch.  It had surrounded my right caroided aertory, pushed my optic nerves up against the brain and pushed the pituitary gland off to the side (it looked smashed in the MRI).  They were able to get ALL of the tumor and it was benign.  Everything else fell back into place, where it belonged!!!  And praise our almighty God, I haven't had any headaches since (related to the tumor)!!!  I do have some residual sinus pain due to then going thru both nasal passages.  Feels like I have a bad head cold, but it is getting better everyday.

I had my post-op check up today (in Stanford) and they said all is good & they will see me in about 3 months.  They will do another MRI (I am getting real good at these!!) to make sure nothing is growing back.

Thank you all for the prayers and thoughts!!  I know it is because He hears our prayers and is faithful that I was able to be diagnosed and treated so quickly!!

Again, I can't thank everyone enough for the prayers!!!

What is going on with 4x 4Him Christian Wheelers / MARCH 15 MEETING
« on: March 03, 2014, 06:22:20 AM »
Saturday, March 15th

:music2:   :music2:   :music2:   :music2:   :music2:   :music2:   :music2:

Where:  Miller Residence
5441 E Norwich Ave, Fresno

Time:  5 p.m. / Eat about 5:30

:meal:   :meal:   :meal:   :meal:   :meal:   :meal:   :meal:

Going to be a Potluck so list what you are bringing

Bring Chairs & your beverage of choice (we will provide tea, coffee & lemonade)

We will have the fire pits again so no one gets cold

:fire:     :fire:     :fire:     :fire:     :fire:     :fire:     :fire:     :fire:     :fire:

Praise Reports / Our oldest daughter - Sandra
« on: December 07, 2013, 01:17:42 AM »
Sandra's boyfriend, Scott, proposed to her after the fireworks show, in front of the castle at Disneyland.   She said YES!!!   She had no idea that it was going to happen, so was totally taken by surprise!!!    We are just so excited for them and eagerly await the wedding!! 

Looking for a Verizon IPhone to borrow or buy from someone til Chris can get a company phone from his new employer...   He gave his 2 week notice last Friday.  He will joining Groppetti Auto group in Visalia....

What is going on with 4x 4Him Christian Wheelers / November Club Meeting
« on: October 21, 2013, 03:16:46 AM »
November 15th @ 6:30 p.m.

 :Welcomefireworks:   :Welcomefireworks:   :Welcomefireworks:   :Welcomefireworks:   :Welcomefireworks:   :Welcomefireworks:   :Welcomefireworks:

Loc:  Chris & Susan Miller's Residence
5441 E Norwich Ave, Fresno 93727
Susan's CP#  960-7236
(prefer texts or you can leave a msg)

1 block south of Gettysburg
5 house east of Minnewawa
(Old Tarpey / County Island)

:bbq:   :bbq:   :bbq:   :bbq:   :bbq:   :bbq:   :bbq:   :bbq:   :bbq:   :bbq:

We will be providing Tri-tip & the makings for S'mores
Please bring a side dish to share & beverage of your choice!!!
I will have coffee, hot/cold tea & ice....

:mosley:   :mosley:   :mosley:   :mosley:   :mosley:   :mosley:   :mosley:

Don't forget your raffle prize(s)!!

Bring a log for the fire pits!!!   Yes, plural on fire pits!!!!
There will be at least 3 to keeps us warm,
plus an addt'l heater under the awning!!!
Don't forget your coat, even tho there will be plenty of flames!!

We have lots of seating but bring a chair anyways, just in case!!!

:fire:   :fire:   :fire:   :fire:   :fire:   :fire:   :fire:   :fire:   :fire:   :fire:   :fire:

Don't forget to post up:
How many are coming...
What you are bringing...

And lastly.....   Don't forget your Marshmellow Roasting Stick!!!!

We are soooooo looking forward to hosting this event.
If you have any questions, PM, text or leave a msg on my CP.

Since the meeting falls on a Friday,
feel free to hang out and not rush home!!

****We will start dinner around 6:30 pm,
but feel free to show up earlier...
Who knows, I may put you to work!!!****

We will need a backup plan just in case it is raining!!!   
 :blackcloud:  :blackcloud:  :blackcloud:  :blackcloud:  :blackcloud:

Prayer Request / Travel mercies...
« on: March 12, 2013, 12:19:13 AM »
We  (Chris, myself, Marlin & Christine) are leaving early Wed, 3/13, for Katemcy Rock for the 10th Annual Lone Star Landcruiser Round-Up.  Please keep us in your prayers as we travel there and back.   Thanks much!!

Susan  :relax:

Praise Reports / Soooo Proud!!!
« on: February 04, 2013, 12:16:44 AM »
So proud of Chris & his "Team Honda" crew @ Selma Honda, they found out on Friday that they achieved President's Award from American Honda.  There is a list of requirements that have to be met & they did it!!  Last time the store had this was back in 2002.

 :partygroup:    :celebrate:   

Prayer Request / Dhondagod's Dad
« on: January 30, 2013, 04:57:15 AM »
Chris' dad hasn't been feeling right for about a week or 2.  It finally got to the point that his mom called the doctor got him in on Mon the 28th.  Dr looked into his eyes and said he saw something he didn't like, left the room & came back & told his parents that St Agnes would be expecting him & he recommended he get a C-T scan.

Scan showed some type of cerebral hematoma on the left side of his brain.  At that point, they told him they were calling an ambulance to transport him to Comm Reg Med Ctr/CRMC to see a neuro surgeon, cuz St Agnes no longer has any on staff.

After many hours at CRMC, they took him in for surgery.  Dr came out and said surgery went well & he would be ok.  They had to drill a hole in his head, cuz obviously he needed another one (lol), the blood started squirting out (Dr's wording) & they got it completely drained , flushed/cleaned it & put a shunt in to catch excess drainage (Chris calls it a brain colostomy bag).  He basically had a blood clot covering most of the left side of his brain & growing & approximatley 1 inch thick (hence the pressure).

He stayed in recovery all night, due to no available beds and finally got into a room about noon and dozed most of the day.  We went and saw him yesterday eve and he looked well and was feeling much better.  The pressure had been so great that he was losing control of the motions and strength of the right side of his body.  Once the drainage stops then they will release him to go home.

Prayers for continued healing & praise for a successful surgery!!

Well after having to work a 5 day stretch & ending it having to work New Years Eve & orderback/come in 2 hrs early, I can finally say Happy New Year...  NYE was * at work, it was literally non-stop from 11 pm til I legbailed out at 630 am...  

After getting home, I convince Chris that we need a road trip.  He is very hesitant due me not having any sleep (awww).  Well I tell him I am unable to be in the town of Fresno today after dealing w/its citizens that night!!  So off to Mojave we go!!!  Got to visit some good friends & froze our behinds off.  I think it was about 44 deg w/wind & it was to the bone cold.  Got home about 8 pm & passed out (again).  Yeah I slept the whole way home!!

So, again Happy New Year & here's hoping to a fabulous 2013!!

What is going on with 4x 4Him Christian Wheelers / OCTOBER MEETING???
« on: October 05, 2012, 07:29:56 AM »

Items For Sale or Trade / Mini Aussies
« on: June 16, 2012, 12:05:29 AM »
We have 2 10 week old male mini aussies avail for adoption.   They look like their mom, meaning they are black tri.  Black w/white & brown markings.  I am asking $100 each for them & they have had their shots.  They are almost house trained but still need some work.  This breed is a very smart breed that does require a bit of attention & they love being around their humans.  We have both parents (yes Birfield is the father, but they don't have his "temperment").

Unfortunately I am unable to post pics from the computer I am on so if you or anyone you know is interested then text me (690-7236) & i can send pics of them.

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